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    Hi. I am a scopist using Eclipse 6. All of a sudden - just for one user - my speaker paragraph has changed and I can't figure out how to correct it and get it to stick. For example, instead of BY MR. SMITH: with the Q underneath, it comes up BY MR. SMITH without the colon. Any colloquy comes up correct. It's just when the Q is added. And the reporter has to go in and change all of those question speakers that I do. Does that make sense? And it's just for this one user. All of the others are fine, and I've checked their settings to make sure the same settings are there for this user and they are all the same. Thank you!

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    Never mind! I found what I hope is the problem. At least it fixes it for now!


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      This problem was brought up in the old CRF, but I don't remember how it was resolved. So sad that the archives there are no longer accessible.

      Please tell us what you did to fix it, so the solution will be available here to someone who may have the same issue in the future.
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        I believe it's in the user settings under Edit/By formats, but I'm not positive.

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