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    Where would the best place be to discuss national legal issues?

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    If it involves reporting, I'd put it under Reporting Issues; if not, Off the Record.
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      Joseph, I'm not sure if you're a court reporter or not. We're really not in the legal field, really. We cover depositions and trials to produce the written transcripts from those.

      There are a number of Forumania pages that are political. Is that what you're looking to discuss? If it's national political and legal discussion, I agree with Gini that Off the Record is probably the best spot.
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        I was thinking of a question such as if two courts issue opposite rulings that conflict with each other, how would that conflict be resolved. I wasn't sure where to post such a question.


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          We don't really have a legal forum anywhere on Forumania at the moment. News has a Law, Crime, and Ethics section, so that might be a good place to start. (And I see this is an old question, so perhaps you've already found your way there. Sorry for the delay!)