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Is there a setting to email notification of replies to threads?

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  • Is there a setting to email notification of replies to threads?

    Perhaps it's in the Message Center? I see "Subscriptions" and "Posts" but don't know how to subscribe to a thread/post. Thanks.

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    I think you will get notification if you even like a post. I'll take a look and see exactly where the setting is.

    If you click on your username in the upper right-hand corner, User Settings, Notifications. You can make selections there.

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      Thanks, Elsa!


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        Laurie Boucke:

        Did you figure out settings well enough for what you want?

        You can go to the forum home page and then click on a section, and just above the list of messages, you'll see a Subscribe button. That will generate an e-mail for you whenever anyone posts anything in that section.

        Otherwise, by default, as long as you used a valid e-mail address when you signed up, you'll get a notification whenever someone uses @ plus your name to link to you (as I did at the top of this message) or whenever someone uses the quote feature when writing a message. You can toggle both notification features on or off in your personal profile.

        The best way to acknowledge that you've seen this message is to click reply, start typing @tim, and when "Timothy J. McGowan" appears in the popup, press enter (or arrow down to the right name and then press Enter). You needn't do so, of course. Just a demonstration of how it works. Pretty cool, I think!


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          Timothy J. McGowan

          Yes, I managed to get the forum to advise me of replies to specific threads.

          Thanks for the additional info. I followed your instructions for replying and assume the final step is to click "Post Reply" so here goes


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            Laurie Boucke

            Oh, yeah, of course you still want to post the reply. Oops!