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Populism From FDR To Trump?

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  • Populism From FDR To Trump?

    William Jennings Bryan, the most revered populist leader of his age, declared that the money issue represented a clash between “the common people” and “the encroachments of organized wealth.”

    The gust of the article is that populism is an enduring legacy shared for either the public betterment or its opposite. FDR, Truman, Joe McCarthy, Reagan, Trump are all described as populists (and Reagan is put in the "good" grouping?).

    Anyway, I suppose being a "man of the people" or a "woman of the people" is kind of inevitable since our government is "of the people, by the people, and for the people." And since it's "the people" who vote. I mean, what politician wants to be not for the people?

    But I feel the author of this article has some good points that will help people understand better what us going on today. Do You?