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    The point of it all is, Oprah is very, very smart. If she was elected president she would surround herself with the very best people to run things, not kids, cousins, old golfing buddies.
    I find it interesting that a beautiful performance by a professional entertainer (and Trump really was never a professional) has so many people thinking "she's qualified." It's the cult of personality that looks good by comparison. So let's all not examine her actual record of supporting so many kooks and charlatans on her show? Let's not even think about the numerous statements that the transgressions by other Hollywood big shots were an "open" secret, and until the awards, Oprah never stood up and said anything despite her enormous power? She had no idea herself, being so "out of the loop?"

    She did the easy thing to give a speech that at this time would be very popular, and that makes her fit for the presidency? How do we know she would surround herself with the very best when she has made Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and offered a platform to an anti-vaccination woman with no credentials other than "I can Google it", so that she could prevail over so many that whooping cough is back in deadly force? Oprah liked her, so it must be okay, right?

    Why, I wonder, are we so very susceptible to being entertained and impressed with money, we cease to be skeptical and informed? Maybe she could become a good president. But so far, I've seen nothing from her that says she'd be better at it than Warren, or even half as good.


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      lets agree to agree Click image for larger version

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