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Nassar Gets 590 Years?

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  • Nassar Gets 590 Years?

    Yup, 2608 is the earliest release date for the then 644 year old sex offender. Be there! They'll have him on sex offenders list and neighborhood watch afterwards. Actually, it will be somewhat less: He actually has 275 years - so far - plus what is tacked on in Eaton county - probably 40 more, though why Nassars attorney cut a plea deal for 25-40 years on top of the already 275 years he has to serve seems rather pointless to me. One of the fathers of the his victims only wanted 5 minutes in a room alone with him - but the judge refused his request:

    Charlotte — The father of one of former Michigan State University sports doctor Larry Nassar's victims lunged at him during his sentencing hearing Friday.

    My guess is that the angry father who caused the melee in the courtroom will probably get off with a slap on the wrist - but the judge did have to warn visitors not to follow suit, you know, 590 years is enough - you have to draw the line somewhere. Do we really want these sentences going into the next millennium?

    Now, I understand why the courts slap on some of these ridiculously long sentences. But they're still ridiculous, anyway, when life in prison would do. After all, his current sentence would be the equivalent of someone sentenced in 1743 getting out today! I mean, will some judge now mark a file with February 2, 2154, as Nassar's earliest release date for good behaviour? Or February 2, 2318, when he's 354 years old, as his full term release date?

    Yeah, I know: Nassar is a creep. But isn't life in prison long enough? No doubt the 54 year old man will die in prison, anyway. Are the victims really served by these absurdly long sentences? After all, they can add, too!


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    Update: Nasser sentenced 40 - 125 years in the latest round. So, I wasn't that far off with 590, because he actually already had a max of 275 years before this latest one, and when you add the max, it's 400 years. Release date: February 5, 2418. Somebody actually has to write that down on court documents.

    Well, I'm sure, if there are any people around by then, they'll look it up and have a coming out party, and a great laugh at the silly people of the 21st century, who they will say must have really hated that guy!