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God is unworthy of worship, love, and devotion

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  • God is unworthy of worship, love, and devotion

    Bruce Gerencser, the fella who gave us the Atheist Pig, writes:

    What kind of God allows children to be murdered, all because his adult followers aren’t allowed to proselytize public school students? What a vindictive, petty God this is, akin to a man who burns down a house with his ex-wife and children in it, all because his ex wouldn’t let him in the door. Such a God is not worthy of worship. Worse yet, are Evangelicals of a Calvinistic bent who believe school shootings are all part of some sort of perverse cosmic plan. According to Calvinists, these children were murdered because God willed it to be done. It is God who ultimately fires the bullet that kills us all.

    Such a God is an abomination, one unworthy of worship, love, and devotion. This is one of the things that makes it clear such a God does not exist. A moral, loving God would neither be an instrument of murder, nor would it stand by while children (and teachers) are killed by deranged gunmen.
    I got nothing to add.

    Do you?

    Read more here:

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    I don't hold any gods responsible for the horrific things people do in the name of theirs. It's the people who decide that such a god must exist, and must be worshiped, who need to be held accountable.

    The Atheist Pig is one of the best webcomics around for thoughtful skepticism, and I wish both that it were more generally popular, and that he were more prolific, but so it goes.


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      Fundamentalist Christians aren't alone in this nonsense. Some years ago, a bus carrying a full load of schoolchildren on an outing got stalled on a level crossing and was hit by a train, and haredi politicians declared it was because their parents weren't Sabbath observers.
      Metpatpetet מתפתפתת
      אשרי אדם, מצא חכמה ואדם יפיק תבונה
      Proverbs 3:13


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        The God of the bible is a despicable thug who doesn't deserve to be spit on, much less worshiped. But a real God, if one exists, certainly bears no resemblance to the biblical God. Such a God would never demand worship, which is a good example of man creating God in his own image, with egotistical human traits.